Did someone say HAPPY HOUR?

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Check it out.  You gotta love those days you head over to one of your favorite cafes to order your favorite smoothie.  As you patiently sit there watching the barista fill the blender with ice and fruit, your mouth begins to water. You remember how awesome your favorite smoothie tastes and why you order the same one every time, because it never fails to bring those grandiose feelings of joy and contentment.  Then you go to pay 100 baht as you always do, telling them to keep the change from a 95 baht tab, as you always do – only to see them excitedly tell you to wait because you have 15 baht change and you think, oh the price must have gone down to 85, but then they hand you 50 baht.  Then you have that realization that the language is always a difficult exchange and you are always misinterpreting the numbers being offered and they see that puzzled look in your face and as if they are responding to the puzzled look on your face, the barista gives you a massive smile and says your two favorite words, “HAPPY HOUR”.  You walk away thinking, I will go home and blog about this because the world needs to know that not only is My Cafe one of the best places on the whole island for smoothies and finger licking good food at great prices in a lovely setting, but to boot they have a 3 hour happy hour – from 1600 to 1900 (4pm to 7pm) !  Who would not fall in love with them even more for that?

Dear My Cafe,

Your happy hour makes me so so so very very very happy.

Thank you very much

– Grace


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