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A good friend of mine and I were discussing coffee intake the other day.   Coffee has just as many stories to support it as it does not to support it, which makes choosing whether or not to drink it somewhat difficult.  I decided awhile back that I would prefer to go with another type of caffeine because I personally do not feel like coffee was doing much for me in the way of a pick me up.  I chose to go all natural with what they call matcha green tea.  I had heard of it a few times when I was in coffee/tea shops and probably even ordered it once or twice as an iced matcha or something similar but I had never really understood what it was exactly.  Matcha is basically the entire leaf of green tea, rather than a broken down version, you are getting 100% compacted goodness filled with a zillion times the amazingness. I won’t get into too many facts as anyone can pull these off the internet and we never know how exact or factual they may be, but matcha is definitely packed with awesomeness and cancer fighting, detoxing energeticness. For me, that was a hallelujah and a half.  I love the taste of matcha made as a latte with almond milk.  I throw in essential oils sometimes or honey.  Its basically my new coffee and I would absolutely recommend it to the world. The lovely part is, I have yet to find any stories to say otherwise about matcha, other than the standard rule that you need to have it in moderation just like anything else.  Too much caffeine will stunt your growth!  whats that?  Youre already grown… ah well – I am joking anyways.  I used to drink tons of coffee as a teenager and it didn’t stunt my growth one bit.  the moral of the story is, don’t believe everything you read.  Try things for yourself.  Between coffee or matcha, its matcha for me because I dig all natural, antioxidant filled, caffeine giving substances but hey, everyone is different.  Try it for yourself and see what you prefer.  My my my matcha out.


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