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Good morning, afternoon, evening everyone.  For me it is 11:11 pm – on the dot, evening time in Koh Samui.  What a beautiful day I have had.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing and my heart spoke to me a little – it said, “Grace, it is time to do something for you.  Take care of yourself hard core.  Love yourself more this month.  Be unstoppable. Be your best superstar/rockstar self.” And I just knew, it was going to start for me as well. Only, I am doing a tad bit differently.  Of course ….. because if you know me at all then you know that this is how I roll.

Sidebar:  I was telling a good friend earlier to keep on keeping on with her 21 day transformational workout plan.  She is currently on day 4 and I am SO SO proud.  It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, as well as emotional and physical pain to become physically active again, mentally active and evenmoreso to change your nutritional eating habits.  So the word “hard”, girlfriend, is actually being nice.  It is SUPER HARD. For my friend – you know who you are… you are amazing.  You will make your goals and you will love yourself for it, because a 21 day transformation is essentially – you taking your life by the balls – erghum reigns – and making it healthier, which makes you happier and probably a bunch more positive things like living longer, feeling better, looking better… the list goes on and on. Hallelujah to that my normal girl sister. <3

And we’re back:  I started out getting myself a membership to use the steam room at a place called The Spa Resort.  I can use it 28 times over the next 1 year period.  Woot! Woot!  LOL

Next, I signed up for a 1 month membership to a place called Vikasa Yoga and added a duel 1 month membership for a place called the Sky Gym, located directly across the street.  I should mention that both Vikasa Yoga and The Spa Resort offer yoga, but Vikasa is just a world of difference and I will get into that over the course of the next month, when I go to tell you about my experiences everyday.  Now, that might sound boring to some of you, and that’s ok.  No one is forcing you to read about my experiences with my own 21 day self care program, but for those of you who are interested and get inspired, motivated, or even just have a good laugh at my horrible writing… they will be here for you.  My blogs that is!  LOL  Which might even be trip advisor helpful in the grand scheme of things as these places are what the dr ordered for any sort of detox and excercise plan one might regiment on themselves.  So, lets get this party started.

What did I DO today….. you might be wondering.  Well, I did it the rockin’ way and I just went full on, head first, and dived right in.  I started the day off with a Morning Elixer and a High Power Start at The Radiance Cafe located at the Spa Resort in Lamai.  I know, you are probably thinking why did she have two smoothies.  Well, for starters, I am a bit of a eataholic.  Hence, why I am doing this.  I like to eat and usually I eat way too much.  Period.  So, instead of eating too much, now I am drinking it… I guess.  But hey, I will get there… soon, I hope.  They are not super big and with all the working out I have been much hungrier so, it is what it is.  I felt great and made my way on over to Vikasa to check out the offering for the month membership.  I decided to go for it and purchase the one month of unlimited yoga classes because they offer a nice variety of classes including meditation, pilates, singing bowls, tantra, etc.  In addition, they have an amazing location on the water along with a very nutritious cafe called The Life Cafe.  Their prices are a bit heftier than most, but to be fair, the view is priceless, the yoga is always bomb and the food is excellent.  No Complaints from this girl.  So that was it – done deal.  I included the duel membership to gym access at a place across the street called the Sky Gym.  Another cool spot, with an amazing view from your treadmill or legpress, or whatever other machine you so desire.  You have to seriously hike to get to these places, so the workout begins before you even get there.  Vikasa’s yoga takes place in  what they call the white sala.  You have to go down about 5 or 6  sets of stairs to get to it.  The Sky Gym is the opposite, it takes you up about 5 or 6 flights of stairs to get to it and then you view the island from above.  Either way, in both cases, what goes up must come down and vice versa with these stair journeys – so you do it twice.  WOWZA, its a lot.

So, I was all signed up and ready to rock.  Grabbed my stuff out of the car and headed over to Sky Gym for an awesome gym workout session.  I have been working out at home for ages and I love it, but there is something about the view here and there is always something to be said for having everything you need at your service such as weight machines, dumbbells, balls, treadmills, bikes, elypticals, etc etc etc.  So, I loved it.  For my girls at Normal Girl Fitness – todays workout went as follows:

30 min interval running on treadmill with interval incline

Focus on glute and hamstrings

5 sets of 10 of each of these excercises –  lying leg curls, band hip abductions, glute kickbacks, rear lunges with dumbells, seated leg press

15 min glute focused elliptical


The I went and had an amazing lunch at the Life Cafe.  I ordered a liver flush, which I seem to recall had items like carrots, ginger, turmeric… and more amazingly good for you goodness.  I also ordered a portobello mushroom heaven.  It was the bomb.  The menu is oh so enticing and the food just properly done on every level.  I was in love,

I left and meandered around looking for a massage place that would not take me too far away from my soon to be daily heaven for the next month.  I found one, and a lady called Ann gave me a very much needed thai massage/foot massage.  I was on my way shortly to head back for 6 pm yoga flow in the white sala with an instructor called Alisa.

I have to laugh as I am a certified yoga instructor, but I sometimes shy away from doing the more intermediate classes.  I ended up in a yoga flow level 2 class this evening by a stroke of beginner luck I guess. I mean she pushed us hard and I broke a couple times.. I mean, that is why I am there… to stop staying in my comfort zone and just do it like Nike -right.  So I powered through and thank the universe I did.  It was really lovely all around.  I love those moments where you end up doing things like that by accident.  All I can say is I will be at level 2 flow again very soon.  I am so excited to have this membership and this month of self care.  Love, love and more love – only sometimes we forget to include ourselves in this love. I am not forgetting this month.  Which brings me to answer your next question

Why do I call this 21 days of self love – when it is really 1 month?

Well, the ancient gurus say that anyone can make a good habit form itself in a 21 days period.  For example, if you want to form a meditation habit you would form that good habit by formally practicing meditation for a period of 21 days and then your body would naturally take on the desire to perform this habit going forward.  They don’t offer 21 days memberships to anything I signed up for, so I just did it the old fashioned way and reminded myself that I won’t be able to excercise every single day anyways. For me, I may have a break in these 21 days but I will get them done within a 30 day window which is ok because the habit I am trying to form is to spend time on myself at the gym or the yoga studio on a regular and ongoing basis.  When I did these things before, meaning gym memberships I took years ago, etc. I never did it like this. I never even had a schedule.  I never had a goal and I never really cared what the outcome was of it.  I sometimes even signed up and never went… Hahahah, pretty sure I am not the only one in the world to do that!  Anyways, I will form my good habit this time, I know I will because on a normal basis this habit is one you need a break from anyways… so, it is better to give myself a 3o day window with realistic periods of rest and form my habit properly and in a healthy manner.

Next on the list, I was on fire.  I wanted to try everything out.  So, I took off to the steam room.  MISTAKE.  It was too hot and I did not really enjoy it.  Lesson learned.  I had done a 1 day trial a few days ago prior to signing up for the 28.  I knew I liked it but I suppose my body was a bit hot from all the yoga.  Lesson Learned (yes, I said it twice – maybe I should say it 19 more times so I remember) 🙂 Steam room days are now going to be on rest days.  🙂 Easy peazy.

Why take the heat? This is for my skin, so I can open the pores, give myself a great detox and purification through sweat, along with lathering of coconut oil and giving my hair a nice condition that does not require sitting under a heat lamp.  I can use the steam.  Super cool.  So, I ended the day at Radiance with a smoothie called Inflammation Eliminator.  I figured this would be great on a zillion different levels. I could not help myself but to also have a raw miso soup.  And what is a good blog without telling the real truth and nothing but the truth – that Ms. Piggy – aka – me, Grace.  Also ordered the uncoooked spring rolls for take a way.  I mean, I DID NOT need them but I did eat them anyways.  So, I have work to do.  I am gonna do it.  All in due time.  For now, I am really just so happy to have had this day.  I am even happier to be sharing it all with you.  If you have been on the verge of any type of self love, I hope that this will help you to see, a hug will even suffice.  By that, I mean you can literally give yourself a hug.  It is nice to have these detox places at my fingertips but the reality is that most people don’t.  This is where the self love starts.  Go to a nearby gym or turn you tube on in your living room.  Whatever you do, just do it.  That is all it requires.  The actual act of taking care of yourself.  Food and nutrition wise you can make smoothies at home like my friend or you can eat fruit and vegetables raw or cooked.  It is simply that you should incorporate more of this into your diet and on a daily basis.  If you are like me and just like to eat, you will see that eating like this actually makes that possible.  Although, I absolutely need to chill out and eat regular portions – it does not affect me like eating a hamburger or a piece of lasagne that I don’t really need would.  Baby steps.  So yeah, this is what 21 days of self love started off with for me.  Plans to do yoga and gym tomorrow again.  tis a great birthday month/present to myself for my birthday as well as my upcoming wedding in July.  I hope to be the happiest and healthiest I have ever been on my special day.

I hope this has been inspiring and/or informational in some way.  Don’t stay stuck – get it going. For some of you, start slow.  Drink more water.  Exercise, try some yoga or pilates or whatever floats your boat.  The challenge is to do SOMETHING. When we do nothing… thats what we get – nothing.  Doing something – will always result in something.

From my computer screen to yours –

Namaste hugs for all my namaste bitches

Love, Light, and more love






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