Circadian Life Rhythms: the Human Biological Tick Tocker

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Isn’t it fun when we start learning and educating ourselves about….ourselves.
I am always in awe to learn about the human body and all of its beautiful glory. The many ways we function and/or don’t function and the simple fact that we can actually control what we do with our mind, body and spirit much more than we think.

This chart is an example of our biological clock. It diagrams most of what our body goes through using the sun and the moon/lightness and darkness, to show us at what specific times of day we do it best. Who knows, perhaps this evening you will have the best deepest sleep you have ever had at 2 am, simply because you now know that’s the time to have it.

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Namaste bitches

“Life is a wave. Learn to SERF.”
Smile. Enjoy. Relax. Feel.
Grecelle Rivera  … Yogini Grace

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